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Monday, August 31, 2009


I dedicate this Manny Pacquiao punch to Eva Sanchez @ I hope with this TKO blow you will sleep forever. You are not supposed to be messing around. Find your solace in the memorial park, there are plenty around.


My friend from a foreign land just forwarded to me an unsolicited letter he got from a certain Eva Sanchez Indeed she is a miserable person to watch out. She must not have her proper education because she attempted to negotiate a hoax online carrying the name of my country to swindle people. Education in fact in the Philippines is free from the elementary grades up to graduate or post graduate studies. This Eva Sanchez must be a lazy person who wants to dupe and try to outsmart using a street trick. She has not learned good morals and just wants to eat from out of what others have sweated out. I am sure, if she gets some money from other people with this ploy, she is just like eating a burning ember and her destiny is sure.


After reading the news on the feat that the old guy in Australia went through, I remembered the time when I and my sister went on a shopping spree. We just came out of the taxi and striding slowly towards the entrance of the mall when a guy of medium built tried to grab my sister’s purse. Automatically, she pinched him on his side just like when we were kids and our mom would nip us for a mistake. The guy was simply shocked! And run away without the purse. It was only then that my sister shouted, this guy is a snatcher! He likes to get my purse! He is out of his mind! I was aghast at my sister’s subtle, but, quick response! She was amazing!


I was in a friend’s house this morning. Their children were watching ‘Cinderella”. While watching the movie, the eight years old son was playing with his toy car on the side. Suddenly, he bursted with a big question saying, why is Cinderella poor, and why is her aunt rich? Why are there rich and why are there poor? Why did not God allow everyone to be rich? See mom always tells us we are not rich. We were all stunned and did not respond immediately. My brain was responding, but, it took me sometime to break in and say what was in my mind, anticipating that the parents would say something. I called the boy to come near me and I said, see, if there are no rich people, then there will be no poor people. The poor people are the justification of the rich. They have more work to do than the poor. The wealth that was given to them by God is meant to be distributed. So, the best among them are those who did well in allocating God’s wealth on earth. The poor are luckier because their only task is to account for how they spent what was given to them.


Steve LeBlanc of AP a while ago featured the idea that the fortune of the Kennedys’ kept the family heritage on the upscale especially in the realm of politics. But, Ted Kennedy died barely a week after her sister. He died of Brain cancer. He was considered as the patriarch of the family. He was known to have eased the burden of many. Anyway, Mark chapter 5:27-29 said Jesus, the son of Mary told his disciples, “How can you say you follow me when you have not even followed Moses”. Then at one point, Jesus said “sell what you have, and give it to the poor, and then come and follow me”.

More Visuals and Audio

Here are some of the basics which you might like to know. Play it and follow.Next time I will make one like this. You too can record in a video yourself if you like and send it to me. It will be my pleasure to post it here and see how much you have learned.

Let me know if this is sufficient.


Hello Xanne, learn this by heart and I know you will be able to master the same in a short time. Allah willing.

You can play this as many times as you like. Let me know if you need more.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


The space shuttle turned up just right on its target according to Marcia Dunn of Associated Press. Cheers! It is another joyful achievement worth recognition. But, in the midst of this success, let us look at the picture ones more and see the cloud of smoke emitted at the space shuttles take off. How much pollutant do you think has it blown up into the atmosphere? After all, the machine is powered by kerosene. How can a little effort of greening, non-smoking, throwing your trash on the right places, and recycling, compare to a massive emission? Indeed the prize of development is colossal.


Yesterday, after browsing my files for snapshots, I thought, I needed a new cam if not a video machine for new takes. So, I went to the mall and browsed the lines and lines of outlets offering many different gadgets. I just could not take away my eyes on the 6700 unit which you can see more here at Here too you can order the model you like the most without the hassle of going places. One amazing feature that attracted me to the model is the 5 mega pixel camera. I tried out immediately after purchase. I am going to make some videos too for my post here because the pictures I took were just amazing.


Indeed many who have money are holding on and searching for clear signs that the global economy is back on its toes. This is making things worst. Apparently, investors forgot to look back and draw from one of the intense cause of financial downturn. Hoard, in the midst of reality, that nature presents limited resources. Money is a tender of exchange. It must be kept flowing in the system. In cases where some would take hold of plenty, they prevent the normal flow. This is similar to the accumulation of bad cholesterol in the blood vessels. When the vessels are clogged-up because of build-up, the circulation of blood to the different parts of the body is poor. This results to malnourishment of some organs which will result to degeneration. Soon the whole organism will die. In an economy where the direction of financial flow is one way financial collapse is the surest possibility. In other words, when the amount of loan of the majority increases, and majority of the people cannot pay their debts, the reality remains. The economy has not rebounded, and one can not expect growth.


Despite the lack of eloquence of most Filipinos in English which is a second language, many immigrants from English speaking nations have chosen to move over to the country for good. Early this evening, I met Allan Fleming the owner of who is engaged in the business of high-end car manufacturing. He said he has linked with another Filipino in the market who has been 100 years in the business of car manufacturing, the owner of Almazora motors at the Obviously, while some sectors of the business market needs eloquent people, some businessmen in the market needs accessible marketing environment.

ZERO TO $ 27.000+

Not everyone knows and is keen about the essence of trade. Some ventured with half-baked ideas, stays at the surface, and enjoys only momentary success. Most of them are not keen at the reciprocity principle of trade. This does not only create an impact on one of any parties in the trade. But, the domino effect on the entire business system brings about depression and recession as the global markets have just witnessed. For this reason I navigated online and look for reliable people to work with. I have read about the accomplishments of for his blogs. He has been here since 2005. He has quite an accomplishment to tell people. For these he had been conducting lectures on how to make from zero to about $27,000 and more within a month. I have downloaded and read his PDF on his story and it is really worth cheering.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ninety-nine Names

These are the 99 nine names of Allah, suhana wata Allah. All these names are found in the Qur'an. The beauty of Allah is within these labels which His believers call Him. Allah is please and will listen upon any believer who call on Him using any one of these.

The pleasure of Allah is my desire in the recitation of His beautiful names.


The advent of modern technology in communications is a great idea benchmarking the interest to go back to the hobby of farming. But, one of the problems that farmers are confronted is selling the products with edge of profit, and with speed, to allow the cycle of production to proceed uninterruptedly, as well as the return on investments. I saw this address that could provide easy marketing of products. In reality, this is the area where many farmers needed the most help. In addition, ‘hobbyfarmlife’ will provide hobby farmers some tools that are required for upscale production and manufacturing.

Friday, August 28, 2009


This is just a lovely background music while breaking the fast during this solemn occassion of Ramadhan. But, the video features the calmness, and the grandeur of the place of worhip, as people inside the Mosque are observing the day of fasting.

After listening to the music, I felt more sober at the end of the day.


Since the time I can remember things well, I and my family have been into coke drinking. We would often have cases in the storage room for family and visitors consumption. Up until I was schooling I have not gotten over the desire for coke with peanut planters. There were times when we run out of stocks as well as budget. So, instead of sleeping after lunch, I would secretly climb up the guava tree through the window of the bedroom, and pick some ripe fruits. Since I have this houseboy deliver me to school, I did not have so many problems carrying a bagful of guavas in addition to my school things. During recess time, my classmates and my teacher would come and buy all the guavas I have. They love it as much as I do, but. I like to drink my coke and eat my peanut planters. So, when I get everything sold, I ran to the store and get my favorite coke and peanuts in a sachet. Up until this time I love coke with peanuts, but my siblings would never forget to tease me with the namesake they were used to call me “buy guava”.


Life was once very tough as a working mom with a growing up daughter studying in an exclusive school. But, who would think that a pet, pure white cat with yellow orange eyes would do our lives a great deal of role. I called her ‘sweety’, because she was adorably sweet. After a year sweety got pregnant. And then came the time when she was on the pangs of labor pains. I called my daughter and told her to assist me give a tender massage to ease the labor pains while constantly calling her name “sweety’. She delivered 5 little amazing kittens which we took care with lots of joy. One day, I got very sick. My physician told me I got something bad from dove dung. When I went home from the hospital, the neighbors told me that my cats killed all the doves around hunting everyone like a tiger hungry for a prey. My daughter and I just smiled and hugged sweety and her kittens. The following morning, I was having my cup of coffee at the garden when I saw sweety almost at the tip of the branch of a mango tree and flew like a bird catching its prey. I called my daughter, and the two of us were just breathless running out to see what would have happened to sweety. Sweety just said meow, meow, and meow and went back playing with her kittens in the garden.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Last week, the former first lady Imelda Marcos responded to comments about the expenditures of the office of the president in terms of travels. Marcos emphasized that it is only but apt for a president, like Gloria Arroyo to enjoy the privileges afforded her office while in an official duty on a foreign land. Our citizens can not take pride with a president who will be eating on a sidewalk stall and living in a dingy inn just to minimize expenditures. Imelda, who was once also the governor of Metropolitan Manila, had many regal experiences at Hotel Waldorf-Astoria in New York, where she took pride of the exceptional accommodation with the line of options for the banquets held in her honour.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009



To determine if mergers and acquisitions are significantly successful in the airline industry is the interest of this dissertation. It studied the key external factors influential to the success of Lufthansa

The researcher made use of the descriptive quantitative method of research to gather data from the financial statements of Lufthansa. Subsequently, ratio analyses were done to reveal success or failure of the strategy by comparing current ratios, return on assets, return on equity, debt to total assets, total cost, firm value, market value, and DuPont Value before and after the mergers and acquisitions.

Results revealed that Lufthansa controlled financial risk with mergers and acquisitions productively. Generally, the airline company has excellent cash flow having excessively earned revenues over expenditures, performed well in terms of profits in its operations or retained income, controlled their total equity, is enjoying continuous increase in their total assets, established a credit reputation in the market, minimized liabilities annually, and awarded consistent increases in stockholders’ equity. Thus, Deutsche Lufthansa airline management strategies are effective. However, the company needs to enhance earning strategy to uplift income for further growth and development, and to maintain increase in profit margin


Big lesson can be had from a small power like Luxembourg. It is the world’s richest country. Small is relative to the size of the country, but powerful because of its endurance, beauty, influence, cordiality, wealth, and diplomacy in the midst of highly competitive neighboring countries. What could be their other secret? The people do not necessarily compete with the more powerful neighbors. They created a cosmopolitan ambience welcoming people to work, reside and visit the marvelously structured medieval castles and the massive fortress of the Bock.

Precious and Few

There seems to be a diamond insignia at the heart of every woman. And when you mention Chanel at, you would see the glitter in their eyes so much like the ring they love to wear. Diamonds are forever they say. When a girl is wearing the ‘FIL DE CAMELIA’, she would not definitely ask for anything better. It is definitely a standout from among the roster of jewels. Exclusively handcrafted designs emotes glamour to the max. What more to the finger that wears it. Women who have it already said that every time they have the ring on their finger, they simply have that feeling of confidence and elegance to raise a finger the real world.


Your man who wears this timepiece will never miss your dinner date at Hotel Waldorf-Astoria. He will even invite you to the grand display at Park Avenue or Madison Avenue. Before you leave, double check all the models you longed for, right here, at The marvelous designs are exquisitely crafted to suit your appointments. Your next regal engagement will definitely be grand while sporting one of Cellini timepiece. Only this perfect and specific timepiece, designed for your lifestyle will give you the confidence and power to raise your arms more often than you ever did before, knowing that you have worn one whose value is beyond compare.


One of men’s best interests at heart is shoes. You may also say it is one of the items in nature that they consider as their best possessions. Not just shoes, but, the Tony Gaziabo and Dean Girling’s shoes of England which you may find at You may never be shy of sporting one with a touch of centuries-old technology that has been proven and tested for its glamour as footwear. It is just next to nothing! They are exquisitely designed and tailored to fit the whim of a client. The elegance is simply outstanding.

The Nation of Speed

Lo and behold! My South Korean students were right. The speed of their internet is the fastest. Keith sometimes told me he was a bit bored with how things were here, but, during summers when he goes back home he just enjoys so much his internet explorations. He said he was born in a condominium and have not so much gone around his country for any sight-seeing. His internet surfing did him a better look of what is outside his realms. The moral of studying now in my country according to him is learning a little bit of patience

Environment and Climate Change

Harris, Paul G., ed. 2003. Global Warming and East Asia: The Domestic and International Politics of Climate Change. New York: Routledge, extensively discussed the issue similar to most advocates for several decades now. But, it seems that human activities in consistence with increased population have rather intensified global warming than reduce it to a scale more convenient for sustainable existence. For example, Senator Ted Kennedy just died of brain cancer. Cancer has been known to be caused by environmental factors that hugely intensify warming of the globe. Such factors had been identified to come from excessive use of fossil fuel like gasoline, kerosene, coal, and manufacturing.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009



Ameen s.a.l. and Al Majmoua of Lebanon, two opposing microfinance players as a non-profit and a profit-oriented institution, on their profitability while operating in Lebanon, were studied. To sketch a wide-ranging viewpoint on the subject, the following were carried out : Analyses of the comparative advantages based on published balance sheets and financial statements, centred on: Profitability; Risk tolerance and Trends in gaps for clientele, loan size, industry preference, geographical distribution; techniques in the conduct of microfinance activities: mobile banking; and method or methods that best describes how microfinance best supports to rebuild and develop Southern Lebanon.

The data from the published balance sheet and financial statement of Ameen s.a.l. and Al Majmoua of Lebanon were computed using Microsoft Excel for Analyses of variance and regression analysis. The results showed that Ameen s.a.l. and Al Majmoua ended with generating profit from their microfinance activities. Thus, significantly Al Majmoua was influenced by Ameen s.a.l. because Al Majmoua is registered as non-profit entity.

Land of Milk, Cheese and Chocolate

Switzerland is a country of independents; 26 diverse states, 26 school systems, 26 regulations, and 26 curriculums; 3 official languages: German, French, and Italian; 4 national languages: German, French, Italian and Romanics. But, generally, people speak Swiss-German and a minority speaks English.
Indeed, it is lonely at the top. That is apparently the point most people found their way along the meadows of Switzerland. My friend Nita too has been a resident for 3 decades now, enjoying the people friendly environment. Initially, she thought the place was too backward from her origin. But, as soon as she started bicycling from home to work, where she just found a new way of getting rid of the extra pounds, she also relish the milk, cheese, and chocolates she bought all along the trail.

Monday, August 24, 2009


To discover the effect of institutional structure, institutional change and privatization as business economic institutional framework on foreign direct investments to Russia is the interest of this dissertation. In this context, profiles of some Russian business economic institutional structures, like capital, profit, performance and efficiency were studied.

The researcher made use of the quantitative method of research to collect the online informational data as well as compute for the capital and profit and foreign direct investment using Microsoft Excel and SPSS, for Analyses of Variance and Multiple regressions.

The results revealed that the Russian business institutional framework for foreign direct investment hinges on the values of natural gas and oil reserves of the country, and not on the other preconceived economic ideas such as institutions, institutional changes, privatization, factories, and improvements to cultivated lands, machinery and other tools, equipment, and structures used to produce goods and services. Otherwise, the inventory or stock of plant, equipment, and other generally durable productive resources held, as FDIs’ has been consistently and sustainably spiraling up. The business economic institution therefore is very attractive to the foreign direct investors in the global economy because of the observed sustained increasing inflow of foreign direct investment, plus, continuous increases in total profit in every succeeding year is enjoyed by Russia.


There is no project too small or too big for Michael Jackson. His songs, well performed, touch everyone from modest people to high profile celebrities. His approach balances rhythm and theme. When he decided to perform a piece, he set his goal at designing a music that would be both arresting and far better sounding than comparable songs. To laud Michael Jackson merely for accomplishing the dual goals seems just a faint praise for an exceptional artist. While many attempted to design their music for a distinctive tune, there is simply no easier way to be at par with the great performer.


To discover the antimicrobial activity of the extract of Cimbopogon schoenantus was the primary interest of this dissertation. So, using ten selected microorganisms such as: I Gram-positive bacteria: Staphylococcus aureus, ATCC 29213; b. Streptococcus pyogenes, Group A; c. Streptococcus agalactiae, Group B, ATCC 12386; d. Enterococcus faecalis, ATCC 29212; e. Listeria monocytogenes; and II Gram Negative Bacteria: f. Escherichia coli, ATCC 35218; g. Shigella sonnei, ATCC 25931; h. Pseudomonas aeruginosa, ATCC 27853; i. Proteus mirabilis; and j. Serratia marcescens, an in-vitro experiment was performed to determine the size of zone of inhibition, the concentration that inhibits growth, and the time at which the microorganisms are killed.

Subsequently, the susceptibility of the active ingredients of Cimbopogon schoenantus extracts at different concentrations was compared with selected antibiotics using the same strains of microorganisms, and the chemical constituents of the plant extract yielding the active ingredients was identified using paper chromatography.

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