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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


As a returnee to the Islamic faith, I have not only strived to do and follow all the guidance that I found appropriate to survive in the 21st century living. The simple thing of wearing a veil and a proper clothing in front of other people have also become a usual and ordinary thing for me. I have felt comfortable in it because it means simplicity.

But, lately, I thought of enhancing myself to get to a new work. Since its summer time, i went to a parlor to get my hair cut short. Before the beautician could start cutting some edges, a house lizzard was slowly crawling down right in rim of the big mirror in front of me. I told the beautician "you have a pet here, nice". Must be looking for food, I thought. The idea of a sign also came into my mind as this poor little crawler would always make sounds right before prayer times. Nonetheless, I did not stop until my hair was nicely done.

The whole night, I was not able to catch a second of sleep. But, in the early morning, I pursued my preparation to attend to the scheduled interview and demonstration teaching. So, I took some time to freshen up and carefully put -on some beauty enhancers. I was halfway only when the lights for the whole city went off. There was no advance notice for it. Anyway, using a flashlight, I managed to get things done because I have to make it to my appointment.

After switching off everything, pulling off electric plugs and locking out doors, I went off. I arrived at the venue early, so I thought it would be best for me to take something from the school canteen. After, I would have to go to the comfort room and pee. Then, I pushed the knob to flush out what is in the bowl. Suddenly, all the waters bursted out and splashed all over my pants. Miserable! I was about to shout and cry! But then, I kept my calm and sort of just dusted myself and hope to dry my pants within few minutes ouside. I walked to the wash basin where I could wash my hands. I pushed the knob for water, but, then again the water came bursting out wetting my sleeves. What is simply happening?

Silently, I walked back to the canteen where I could dry with the fan and aircon on. By then, I felt so intimidated, but, I still tried to maintain some poise. Five more minutes to go before the set interview, I went up to see and meet the panel. Gladly, I made it through and was able to reset my demonstration for another day. I was kind of relieved that I was done with the interview. So, I went home feeling good despite interferrences.

However, when I reached home, the rice cooker was sitting there "ON for the last 5 to 6 hours" that I was out! O my God! I could not utter a word! I was stunted for a while. What do all these things mean? It was too much! I had so much! I just felt so exhausted, so I washed and went to sleep. When I woke up, I thought again of all the dissuations, warnings that I got for two consecutive days. All for experimenting. I did not wear my veil.

After all, I was just given an extension to live by Allah. In 1998 I was medically declared to have no more hope to live. I was sent home after 19 days of thorough hospital management. But, after 5 days of praying the Al Fatiha...just praying without much thinking...another pathologist revealed reaxamination results which showed my illness is curable! I was then treated and healed...In other words, I'm a product of miracle!

Monday, March 29, 2010


Sometimes it really makes sense to experiment a little. I took sometimes to ponder about the amount of fat i am taking in, considering my age. So, before preparing my steak, i boiled the half kilo of tender loin beef. Then, i separated the broth after 15 minutes of boiling. I placed it in the refrigerator for awhile to separate the fat. All those undesirables freely solidified on the surface. So, i simply strained them out and add the broth again to the meat and continued boiling until the meat was tender and all the water have evaporated. It was then that I added some spices and sauce for my favorite beef steak.

Above, i have pictured the scary fats which i have collected. I soaked it in alcohol and they formed lumps. This is apparently what i was suppose to get inside my body if i just continued cooking without necessarily bothering to removed such insoluble oils.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Gog and Magog: Haiti, Chile, France, Phippines, Indonesia, etc.

The recent calamities that hit some parts of the countries in the Philippines, Indonesia, Haiti, Chile, France and many others reminds me of the Qur'anic story of Gog and the Magog, the fate of the people of Lut, the cousin of Abraham. Most people I supposed have not read about it. Perhaps, some did, but never paid attention to the lessons the story is meant.

If only . . . people will pay heed . . . then, they can verily avoid the dangers of natural disasters.