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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Solar power is the "greenest" alternative source of energy. This technology is already widely untilized by most fossil fuel suppliers in the Middle East. These suppliers use solar power to gather and process crude coal.

But, apparently the end users of fossil fuel are not aware of this. So, end users in countries like the Philippines who are currently suffering from power interruptions, expensive cost of fossil fuels, as well diminished water supply should encourage their representatives in government to opt for solar power, rather than contemplate on alternatives that are not sensible in the 21st century environmental conditions.

Monday, April 5, 2010


One sure thing pleasant about living in a tropical and underdeveloped region is our ability to beat the odds at having to cope with rising prices of oil and gas. This is indeed the beauty that most people in highly industrialized zones can no longer enjoy. Here we just open our doors and windows for the gentle wind to cool off. When it comes to the kitchen fuel, there’s plenty of wooden and coconut shell charcoal to take care of the cooking needs. Electrical lighting is only needed for few hours of the day to power some gadgets when necessary. And, of course, water can be drawn manually from deep wells. Otherwise, swimming in natural, nearby falls would be more than sufficient to meet some washing needs. “Beat it”!